Charmed Memories

Charmed Memories (A Princess of Valendria Novel)
MuseItUp Publishing (August 2013)

A prince vows to prove the girl he loves is his missing princess by recovering her lost memories.

Book Blurb:

Prince Trevor has always placed duty to his kingdom above the desires of his own heart. But when his betrothed is lost at sea, he finds himself torn between honor and love.

After four years of searching for the missing princess, he begins to secretly long for Lady Bri, the Woodland Guide he works with each day. But the law says he must marry a princess, and Bri is barely a noble.

When Trevor learns that Bri shipwrecked at the same time and place as the princess, he begins to believe he has finally found his bride-to-be. But his happiness is short lived. Bri has no memory of her past, and the princess wasn't the only girl who disappeared from the ship.

Desperate to prove Bri is his princess, Trevor unwittingly places the two of them in grave danger. Buried in Bri's memories are deadly secrets someone wants kept from the light of day, and learning who she is may cost more than either is willing to pay


What people are saying about Charmed Memories (click on names to read full review):

"Charmed Memories will definitely fit the bill, even for a young man." Nicole B.

"This book may be listed as a young adult romance, but as a reader in my forties
I found it to be a delightful love story." Sonia Z.

"This is not normally a genre I read, but good storytelling always holds my interest and Mary Waibel is a great storyteller." L. Jay Scott, author

"Mary Waibel...weaves a fascinating, complicated tale of intrigue, love, and renewal."
Erin Albert, author of The Prophecy

"This is the kind of book to curl up with late at night, romance and suspense
intertwined with a fairy tale." Melissa Menten, author